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Episode 048
An unconventional route to cosmetic formulating – Interview Bill Basinski

Episode 047
Harry’s Cosmeticology review Interview Meyer Rosen

Episode 046
Types of cosmetic raw materials – Interview Kathleen Norris

Episode 045
Cosmetic Preservation – Interview Dene Godfrey

Episode 044
Functional natural ingredients – Interview Satish Nayak

Episode 043
Essential Oils in Cosmetics – Interview Robert Tisserand

Episode 042
Working with new raw materials – Interview Valerie Patton

Episode 041
Formulating to a Natural Standard – Interview with Mark Broussard

Episode 040
Natural surfactants from Colonial Chemical – Interview Dennis Abbeduto

Episode 037
Natural emulsifiers from Botaneco – Interview Tony Abboud & Todd Zielke

Episode 036
Fragrancing cosmetic formulas – Interview Irina Tudor

Episode 035
Valdata formulation software – Tom Winter interview

Episode 034
Cosmetic industry consultant – Interview Ginger King

Episode 033
Process engineer – Bob Bornfriend interview

Episode 032
Cosmetic science resources – Interview:  Lori Gery & Priscilla Taylor

Episode 031
International cosmetic regulations – Interview:  Scott Taylor

Episode 030
Cosmetic regulations and the cosmetic chemist – Interview:  Lisa Leigh

Episode 029
Starting a cosmetic line – Interview:  Melody Bockleman

Episode 028
Silicones in cosmetics – Interview:  Beth Johnson

Episode 027
FDU cosmetic science program & NYSCC – Interview:  Steve Herman

Episode 026
Working with a Contract Manufacturer – Interview:  Matt Zoeller

Episode 025
Cosmetic Formulating in the EU – Interview:  Alex Westerberg

Episode 024
Transition from college to cosmetic science – Interview:  Gina Cosby

Episode 023
Cosmetic Formulation innovation – Interview:  Chris Boone

Episode 022
Formulating for Efficacy Software – Interview:  Dr. Johann Wiechers

Episode 021
Cosmetic Chemistry educational programs – Interview: Duncan Abbott

Episode 020
Online Beauty Communities – Interview: Ron Robinson

Episode 019
Cosmetic chemist as a consultant – Interview:  Desiree Mattox

Episode 018
Finished goods or raw material supplier – Interview: Dennis Abbeduto

Episode 017
Start your own cosmetic business – Interview: Mark Fuller

Episode 016
Organic standards, Sustainable cosmetics – Interview:  Gay Timmons

Episode 015
What type of job to get – Interview: Eric Abrutyn

Episode 014
How to develop a product – Interview: Mark Richards

Episode 013
An interview with a preservative expert – Interview:  Dene Godfrey

Episode 012
Prototype evaluation – Interview – Allison Kontur

Episode 011
Interview with a UK cosmetic chemist & beauty blogger – Interview – Colin Sanders

Episode 010
An outspoken cosmetic chemist – Interview – Doug Schoon

Episode 009
Interview with Joel Edwards

Episode 008
How a Chemist Launched her own cosmetic line – Interview –  Kimberly Riley

Episode 007
FDU Cosmetic Science Masters Program – Interview – Steve Herman

Episode 006
Interview with a Cosmetic Science consultant – Interview – Kevin Young

Episode 005
Fluid Viscosity for cosmetic chemists

Episode 004
Interview with a cosmetic chemist entrepreneur – Interview – Amanda Foxon-Hill

Episode 003
How to shop like a cosmetic chemist

Episode 002
Is cosmetic science “bad science”? – Interview – Dr. Johann Wiechers

Episode 001
How to become a cosmetic chemist – Interview – Kelly Dobos

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