There are a vast number of problems you can run into when formulating cosmetics and beauty products such as

  • Stability problems
  • Compatibility problems
  • Quality control problems
  • Ingredient issues
  • Color changes
  • Odor changes
  • Microbial contamination

Here are some tips on how to solve formulating problems.

Search the website

We have written about a lot of topics here on Chemists Corner. Be sure to use our search box to see if you can quickly find a solution to your problem.

Ask a Chemist

We have a ton of formulation chemists who offer advice on fixing formulation problems on our cosmetic science forum. It’s free to join and you can do so by going here. Cosmetic formulation forum. Even if you don’t join, it’s possible that your problem has already been discussed and solutions given.

Send us a question

Every couple months we have a cosmetic science webinar where we answer different questions. Add your question to the webinar question page and if you include your email address, you will get a response (eventually). You may be featured on the webinar but we won’t share any contact information other than your first name.

Post your question here

Ask us directly

If it is more urgent, you may also try going to the Formulation Question form and send your question.  Be sure to fill in all the required information if you want your question answered.