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In addition to the FREE podcast, 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist is a downloadable ebook (over 200 pages) designed to help you improve your skills and career options as a cosmetic chemist. One step at a time, it will start you on your way to become an expert cosmetic formulator.

Designed to Make you Learn, but more Importantly DO.

The book is divided into 30 easy-to-follow lessons and tasks that you can work through whenever it is convenient for you.

Each step in the workbook contains:

  • A Task – something to DO that step.
  • A Lesson – each day you’ll be given in-depth instruction on various topics relevant to cosmetic chemists.

This approach is designed so that you come away from each lesson having not only learned something important to cosmetic chemists but also you’ll have actually done something with that knowledge.

In this book we cover six main areas of interest to cosmetic formulators including:

  • Cosmetic industry
  • Raw materials
  • Cosmetic science
  • Formulating
  • Product testing
  • Cosmetic chemist career